This is a place for everybody and every BODY.

We are a community and in order to keep the studio thriving, we have some basic policies. These are in place so we can all thrive. Please honor these so we can continue to keep the studio running smoothly. 
Thank you! 


For safety, and so we can make sure you are introduced to the instructor and we understand if you have any injuries or need modifications, first time students will not be allowed into any class late. For all other clients, we will allow entry into class up to 5 minutes after the scheduled start time. Please know that late entry (and early leaving) is disruptive to the class experience and we highly encourage you to arrive early and stay for the whole class! It’s better as a full arch!

We know that you like to have your phone with you during class in case the school nurse calls, but no phone usage is allowed within the studio walls. If you need to take a call or send a text, please step out of the room. We find phone usage to be very distracting for the other students. And we actually encourage no phones at all in the studio…give yourself a screen time break! 

We require a minimum notice of 12 hours when canceling a class reservation. If you don’t cancel within that window, or if you do not show up for class, you will lose the class from your package. Unlimited members pay a $10 fee for late cancellations or no show reservations. We understand that life changes sometimes and will be flexible on this fee for the first instance per month. After the first waived fee, the charge will be automatically applied to the card on file. 

Please note the expiration dates on your class packs. Usually they expire in 2 months but check the receipt notes and please make sure you use them before they expire. We hold firm to the expiration dates and the packs cannot be extended, transferred or refunded. 

We do not offer the option to hold or freeze memberships. We know that there are times when travel and life take you away from the studio but please understand our studio needs to still exist when you come back. We will take care of it in your absence. Thank you for supporting the studio during these times - we’ll save your spot until you return! 

We require 30 days written notice to terminate all membership contracts. You must email us at to cancel and depending on your payment date, there is usually a final monthly charge. 



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